About T Michael Woodworking

     Hello! my name is Todd Michal the owner of T Michael Woodworking, I would like you to get to know me. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has ingrained, in me, a deep love of woodworking. I get excited when I have a new piece of wood and imagine the possibilities and beauty that lie within. I was raised in Oregon City, a small bedroom community, 20 miles south of Portland Oregon.  I spent my free time playing in the woods, surrounded by Oak, Walnut and Fir trees.  As a child, I built forts, climbed trees, explored the forests and fields.  As a teenager I camped, hunted and fished in the woods and on the rivers of the great Northwest. As I became older I developed an appreciation for the forest and the resources it provided.
      My father had a wood shop and built furniture as a hobby, so it was only natural that I developed an interest in woodworking with the different woods that were available. I watched him and learned how to build almost anything, from a shed to a deck, to remodeling my home, and of course to make furniture and cabinets.  My Dad always appreciated the beauty of wood and I inherited that from him.
       I spent 25 years working at a job that provided me a good living and a steady income but did not give me the chance to do what I love the most. With the encouragement and support of my wife, Michelle,  we decided it was time for me to follow my dream and see where it leads me. Michelle is a talented quilter and I made hangers for her to display her beautiful quilts in our home. Little did I know the quilt hangers would be the trailhead to the path I am now on, I find it very satisfying to make something I am proud of, so people can display the art they are proud of.

    What makes our hangers stand out

        All of the Hangers at T Michael Woodworking begins with hand-selected lumber from our local lumber yard, we then sort the boards looking for the most attractive grain and color, these will be the showpieces. The next step is to cut and match each hanger, once they become a matched set they go through a four-step drilling process after which the threaded inserts are installed and the assembly is bolted together and cut to its final size. Now it is ready for the edge profile and keyhole bracket slots to be machined, after machining, all surfaces are sanded to a smooth finish. The final step is finishing, at T Michael Woodworking we use a three coat shellac finishing process, shellac is a natural and safe finishing product that functions as a tough coating with good color characteristics that enhance the wood. When you purchase a hanger from us you can be confident that it was made with a lot of pride in the finished product.